GSM Systems

Cellcop 8x8 u - Nokia


8 Inputs to communicate separate alarm conditions

•  Each input can be triggered to send an SMS to up to 16 Cellphone numbers

•  The time delay before the input is triggered can be set for each input

•  Separate messages can be configured for On and Off states of the input signal

•  Messages to be send can be programmed by the user

•  On or Off states can both be reported to predefined cellphone numbers.

•  Reporting can be disabled for an input

•  The states of the inputs can be requested from the unit by SMS

•  Monitoring of the inputs can be controlled using different modes

•  Inputs can trigger Voice call to configured numbers

8 Outputs to control any electrical device

•  Outputs can be controlled by cellphone using SMS (Switching the output on, off or pulse)

•  Outputs can be controlled using missed calls (Voice, Fax and data)

•  Output controls can be scheduled

•  The duration of the pulse can be programmed for each output

•  Outputs can be set to follow the state of an input

•  Output can be set to switch on when the unit is dialed

•  Status of an output can be requested from the unit by SMS

•  Analog Limits can control the switching of outputs

•  Own text can be used to control outputs

Monitor AC power using the charger input

•  AC power can be monitored by using the charger input.

•  SMS can be send to up to 16 numbers when an power failure occur and when the power return

Monitor the battery status

•  The battery status can be monitored by the system.

•  SMS can be send to up to 16 numbers when the battery go faulty.

•  The battery is monitored by disconnecting it from the main supply and to measure the battery voltage while connected to a load.

Gate Remote using a missed call

•  55 Numbers cellphone number gate remote

•  Can decide if a number has Vehicle access or pedestrian Access

•  Vehicle and Pedestrian access are controlled

•  Add and delete numbers via SMS

Scheduled Commands

•  The execution of commands can be scheduled

Voice call on alarms

•  Alarms can be configured to initiate voice calls when they occur

•  Can call different numbers for different alarms

Log Events

•  The system will log events configured to be logged

•  Logged events will be time stamped from the Cell phones Date/Time

•  Events can be downloaded into a comma delimited file for analysis

Configurable Status Messages

•  Status messages can be configures to user requirements

•  Status can be attached to alarm messages

LCD Addon

•  Display Status information on LCD display

•  Multiple pages on LCD Display

•  Pages configurable to user requirements

Configurable SMS to confirm all OK

•  Unit can be setup to SMS status to confirm all OK

Configuration tool to configure unit to user requirements

•  All parameters can be set from config tool.

•  Remote programming possible from the configuration tool

•  Save and Load from files for backup

Remote USSD Command

•  A USSD command and be send to the unit to load airtime & request balances