GSM Systems
Current Products

SMS communicator

8 Inputs,

8 Outputs,

Charger Input

Battery Input

2 Analog Input Addon

Temperature Addon

Temperature & Humidity Addon

LCD Addon

SMS & GPRS communicator

8 Inputs

8 Outputs

4 Analog Inputs

Charger Input

Battery Input

Additional RS232 Input

I2C Expansion Port


Cellcop Sim300 Modem

GSM Modem



Data Call

10-28V DC Input Voltage

Temperature Controller

Digital Temperature Controller

Digital temperature sensor

-55 DegC to 125 DegC

Low temperature output

High temperature output

Limits can be configured

Fuel Guard

Monitor Fuel container using weiging technology

Accurate monitoring of volume

Detect fuel theft event

Detect refuel events

Detect fuel theft while generator is running (Rate of use)

Low fuel warning level

Low fuel Alarm level

Generator run hours

Site Termperature monitoring


Pivot Controller

Control all functions of your Pivot from your cellphone

  • Start
  • Stop
  • Control picot based on position
  • etc

Get all information on your cellphone

  • Position
  • Speed
  • Direction
  • Wet/Dry
  • Run Status
  • Cable theft
  • Last Tower Stuck
  • etc
Animal Scale

Weiging of animals

0-2000 Kg

Bluetooth communications to Indicator (No Wires)

0-2000Kg Loadcell